Rolf Potts No Baggage Challenge

Rolf Potts No Baggage Challenge I first heard of Rolf Potts when I saw a video of him discussing the vagabond lifestyle. I found it truly inspiring and it really got me thinking about long term travel and how I can make it part of my life. Rolf’s current vagabond experience is a 6 week journey around the globe without any luggage – the No Baggage Challenge. No backpack, no ‘man bag’, no plastic bag, nothing. It’s a fascinating idea and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he is going manage.

I know when I travel, I take things I don’t really need and it’s a complete waste of space and energy to carry them. I’m not sure I could survive without any luggage at all but it would definitely make for an interesting experience and enable you to focus on the travel experience and nothing else.

Rolf is being sponsored by BootsnAll, a hugely popular indie travel site and forum worth checking out if you are interested in independent travel.